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We are in the processs of rebuilding our website.  We will be open for business soon with lots of new mineral specimens.


Kunzite with Cleavelandite, Darre Pech, AfghanistanWelcome to Cal Neva Mineral Company's website. On these pages you will find quality mineral specimens for the beginning, intermediate and the advanced mineral collector.  Our main focus is to offer to you gem crystals and pegmatite minerals and classic specimens both new and old; although you  will  find plenty  of  other minerals  as  well.

Elbaite, Himalaya Mine, San Diego County, CaliforniaOur mission at Cal Neva Mineral Company is to bring to you quality mineral specimens at a reasonable price. You won't find a lot of flashy graphics and other slick looking features on our website. What you will find are great mineral specimens that are presented in a straightforward fashion.  After all, the reason you're here is for the rocks.

Grossular Garnet variety Hessonite, Mana Mine, Bajaur Agency, F.A.T.A., PakistanCal Neva Mineral Company's primary goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.  You have 7 days to examine your specimen.  If you receive a specimen and you decide it just isn't right for you, please contact us within 7 days of receipt and let us know of your intention to return it.  You can then send the specimen back to us.  After we have received your return, a refund for the purchase price of the returned item will then be issued.  We ask that you insure your returns although it is up to your discretion wheter or not you insure you return.  If you choose not to insure your return, Cal Neva Mineral Company will assume no liability for damages incurred during shipment back to us. We ask that you please take the same care in packaging the returned specimen as we did when we sent it to you.

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December 29th, 2014

New mineral specimens coming soon.

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