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Customer Feedback


...fabulous doing business with you from start to finish.  ...much success your way

Nancy P. ~ New Jersey



The specimens have arrived in good order, and I'm very pleased with them. I look forward to receiving further updates.

Howard H. ~ Wales, UK



Received the specimen...  A real killer I think, better than in the photographs.

Harry Z. ~ The Netherlands



It's always an exciting time around here when we add Cal Neva specimens to our collection.

M. Fleischer ~ Arizona



Just a quick note to inform you that the specimen arrived in great shape...  I found it very much to my liking.

Takuya N. ~ Japan



The specimens arrived today and I'm very pleased.

Ray S. ~ Illinois



Thank you for speedy shipping and care in packaging

Nancy P. ~ New Jersey



The specimens are better than advertised.

Kevin F. ~ Texas



Got the Barite yesterday and many thanks, it is really quite nice.

Neil L. ~ Connecticut



The two specimens arrived in great condition, yesterday... I can't thank you enough for the great service and for two great specimens!

Steve A. ~ California



I'd just like to say that I like your web site, and I appreciate the affordability of your advertised specimens.

Curtis W. ~ California



The specimen arrived safely today. Expertly packed and in good shape. It is a very interesting 3-dimensional piece!!!

Knut E. ~ Norway



Rubies have just arrived, safe and sound. No wonder you have an excellent reputation for your packing skills!

B. Crane ~ Scotland



Specimens well received, very well packed, quick delivery and really nice...perfect !

J. Zerillo ~ France



I got the specimen today, as I have come to expect, the quality, pricing and shipping care are second to none. Thank you for another great specimen.

Dave J. ~ Ohio



I'll have to say that your material seems quite reasonably priced after looking at other web sites.

Steven P. ~ California



I got the Wulfenite the other day. Wow can you pack :) It looks awesome.

Lorie C. ~ Massachusetts



Many thanks for the package - I wish all dealers wrapped shipments as well as you do.  I really like both pieces, especially the pink topaz which will make a very fine addition to my topaz collection.

Mike M. ~ Canada



I'm thoroughly delighted by what I purchased.  The sample was even more beautiful than I expected.  I’ve been collecting for twenty years and look forward to doing business with you for many years.

Marco M. ~ Texas



I got the Malachite after Cuprite pseudomorph today.  It is excellent!  An awesome specimen at an awesome price!

Chris S. ~ Michigan



I received the Covellite today.  It is beautiful and came through the mail just fine.

Jan N. ~ Washington



The Rose Quartz is great.  Never seen a layered one like this, with the hemispherical Eosphorite/Zanazziitte.

Harry Z. ~ The Netherlands



Just wanted to let you know that I picked up your package from the post office this morning. The specimens are a delight! I was especially pleased with the etched fluorite.

Tracy K. ~ New Jersey



Cal Neva has a very nice assortment of excellent quality minerals from all aver the world, and are presented at fair prices for their quality.

Edward R. ~ Nevada



Received the order today. It looks great, thanks.

Dan G. ~ New Jersey



...the specimen exceeds my expectations in beauty.

Bob C. ~ Canada



I just got your package. This is a super chunky Tourmaline, very nice looking, & very clean.  I don't see any damages on any of the terminations. This was a very good deal for the price!

Mike G. ~ California



The Tourmaline arrived today.  I am satisfied also with this specimen.  Thank you very much.

I. Sakikabara ~ Japan



The specimen arrived at safety today.  It is an elegant color which I imagined.  I am satisfied.

T. Fujimoto ~ Japan



Got the crystal. It's a real nice specimen. That's the best packing job I've seen. I got your site book marked and hope to do more business with you...

Keith W. ~ North Carolina



The specimens arrived Saturday in great shape. Thanks for the careful packing job...

Brian P. ~ New York



The specimens arrived the other day in great shape. I am very pleased with them. In fact, some friends who are preparing a display about pegmatite minerals for a local rock show borrowed the Columbite!

Steve H. ~ California